• AKC Canine Good Citizen, Canine Good Citizen Advanced, Canine Good Citizen Urban, and AKC STAR Puppy
  • Two Week Boot CampIncludes Initial Consultation/ 2 weeks (Mon-Fri) of 1 hour training sessions at your home while you work or just relax/ 2 owner lessons for you to learn what your dog has learned.
  • House Training HelpIncludes Initial Consultation/ Monday-Friday 1 hour visits while you work (walk, potty training, etc)
  • Leash Walking 101:  Not just walking your dog but training your dog to walk properly on the leash. Includes loose leash walking and teaching your dog to Heel on your left and Sit automatically when you stop.
  • Dog RunningFor dogs who need more than a short walk.
  • New Puppy Consultation: Get your home and family ready for the new puppy. Have all of your questions answered and get help with house training, nipping, and basic puppy manners.
  • Create Your Own Program:  Focus on whatever your dog needs.  Does your dog have bad manners at the door? Does your dog pull you down the street when you go for a walk? Does your dog not respect certain members of your family?  Set up one or two sessions that work on correcting these (and other) issues.