Behavior Modification Programs for Dogs and Cats

Each year, hundreds of thousands of pets are put to death due to behavior problems reported by their owners. Most of those problems would not have developed had the owners properly trained and socialized their pets at an early age. Preventing and treating inappropriate behavior at an early age and diagnosing and treating abnormal behavior later in a pet’s life is our goal at Colonial Dog School. We have experience in treating aggressions, fears, phobias, inappropriate elimination problems, and obsessive compulsive disorders in both dogs and cats.

Behavior modification counseling for dogs and cats is a two step program available for people and their pets. The first step is a 90 minute meeting to discuss and observe the problem at hand. Again, the meeting takes place in your home so that the dog or cat can be observed in his or her own surroundings. The inappropriate behavior is discussed, along with a behavior modification program for the pet and family to follow. A follow up visit is scheduled so that progress can be noted or changes to the program can be made.

So turn to us for help before the problem gets worse. We want you to stay together as family for as long as possible.