Dog Obedience Training Programs

Does your dog jump on people or pull on the leash? Will he not come to you when he is called? Are you having trouble with excessive barking or housetraining? Is she chewing up every stick of furniture in your home? Just about any dog – young or old, big or small – can learn to be a better dog as a student of Colonial Dog School.

From puppy classes and group courses to private lessons and behavior modification sessions, Colonial Dog School has many different programs to fit your needs and schedules. Classes are based on the premise that dog training should be fun and effective, so only positive training methods are used because we want to make sure that both you and your pet enjoy your experience with us.

Group classes allow a maximum of 8 to 10 dogs, so everyone gets a lot of personal attention. The courses last for 8 weeks, and in the Basic Obedience program, you and your dog will learn about 15 different commands, enabling the two of you to have the communication necessary for a lasting, loving relationship. If you choose, you can continue on to the advance course. You will learn how to apply all of the commands in your day-to-day life with your dog.

Commands include: controlled walk, sit, stay, off, heel with an auto sit, down, down stay, sit from down, elimination on command, come with an auto sit, move to a heel, leave it, give/drop, place, wait, and quiet.

Advance programs are conducted on long lines and off leash, so your dog must know the basic commands. Your dog must also be non-aggressive towards other dogs and people.

Private lessons are also available. What makes this a nice option is that all training is done at your home, and the classes are set around your schedule. In the basic program, about 15 commands are covered in four sessions of sixty to ninety minutes each. The commands that are covered are listed above.

So join a class or call for more information on private lessons. Your dog will love you for it!